Enhance your home and backyard with our unique clay art designs.
Our designs are sure to be a focal point and topic of conversation.
Choose from a 2-ft. Totem with a vase base or a 5-ft. Totem with an actual rock base. Our totem poles are man-made, hollow ceramic designs to look like colorful, modern rocks

•Easily moved in the house or in the garden in less than 5-minutes
•They can be put in an area where a plant cannot grow
•Specific colors and designs can be special ordered
•Made of rust-free galvanized poles
See video

Prices range from $30-$425, depending on the size of totem and custom designs.
Taxes based on area.

We will mail our product for an additional shipping fee.
Contact us if you would like to know the date and where what show we will be participating.


Our Happy Customers!